Overview of our Process


Collections may be placed via e-mail; telephone call; website or via your dedicated customer portal. Our friendly Collections Agents are pro-actively awaiting your call. Upon receiving your collection our CA will book and confirm your valuable collection via our in-house system. An eagerly awaiting DE driver will receive an SMS to his phone to advise him of your collection/shipment. Our driver will collect your shipment with completed waybills and take it to our nearest branch for sorting and distribution.

Initial Sorting & Transit

Diamond sorts shipments by destination and type of service selected. 20 Years of experience in the art of sorting and recent new technologies help us handle large volumes of cargo on a daily basis, and all within tight time-frame deadlines. Once sorted your shipment is then routed and loaded for transit as required.

Final Sort and Delivery

Once your shipment reaches our destination branch, they will conduct final cross-checks. A final sort will ensure the correct driver is given your shipment for its ultimate delivery. Your shipment is then delivered straight to your door, or to the address you specified.


Proof of Delivery

Upon return to the nearest branch after delivery all POD’s are then captured and imaged on our in-house freight management system. You have control over your delivery, and can follow your parcel at any stage of the process through the track and trace application or by accessing your customer portal. 


Monthly Invoices are processed as soon as possible after delivery for all customers. Invoices and statements are made available to all customers via e-mail or hard copy as requested on a monthly basis.