When we get down to the finer details, a company, like everything, is made up of people. These people constitute the fibre that makes the company what it is. They define the thought processes that result in the decisions that are made. They influence the type of people the company employs. They dictate who the company partners with and the relationships that are made. In a nut shell our people, their behaviors and values are the business.

At Diamond Express our core behaviors have become part of how we do business. Our core behaviors include:

  • Dedication: (To Our Customer, Our Service and Our Family)
  • Integrity, Initiative and Innovation: (The 3 I’s as we know them… Doing what we say, getting the job done and an ongoing drive towards innovative and technology driven solutions to solve daily challenges)
  • Amusement and having a little bit of fun: (Amongst our dedication to hard work and getting the job done we make time for letting off some steam by partaking in various activities and charities)
  • Management, Motivation and Leadership: (Management of our business and selves, continuously motivated towards the satisfaction of our customers and ensuring we contribute daily as leaders within our different business areas and responsibilities)
  • Organization & Communication: (Enhancing our service through effective planning and communication)
  • Numbers: (Awareness of cost, our cost and your cost)
  • Delivery and Effectiveness: Ensuring all our business areas and individual roles consistently work as a team and action key performance indicators to ensure our customer continuously receives their deliveries as expected.