COVID 19 – Preventative measures and practices

Diamond Express wants to communicate our thoughts to all customers during these uncertain times.

We will continue to operate our delivery routes and continue to communicate with you as the situation unfolds. As a responsible service provider and employer, we have put certain measures in place as supported by The World Health Organization (WHO); these include;

  1. All staff has been engaged to understand the importance of washing your hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds regularly. All our public bathrooms have been fitted with hand wash in order for staff and walk-in customers to do so.
  2. All measures have been made visible for staff and the public who visit our Branches to practice.
  3. Our Drivers have been supplied with units of hand sanitizer (70%) to be used at regular intervals while they are collecting and delivering to our valued customers.
  4. Regular disinfecting of shared surface areas with supplied disinfectant; these include – vehicle interiors, table tops; doorknobs; shared work stations etc.
  5. Plastic disposable gloves have been made available to staff for use in our warehouse with shared products e.g. freight on floor and freight documentation. HOWEVER, we are MORE PRO-ACTIVELY encouraging the REGULAR washing of hands as this is the MOST IMPORTANT preventative measure to our understanding. Gloves are seen as a personal choice.
  6. Staff will practice responsible public and personal hygiene by avoiding touching their face, nose and eyes regularly, between intervals of washing and sanitizing. Also to greet customers and members of the public by waving or nodding but no handshakes. Covering their mouths and noses with a bent elbow/tissue with the experience of a normal cough or sneeze.
  7. Our staff have been encouraged to also maintain social distancing where possible while working and on the days that they are not working. To rather avoid bigger social gatherings and also to maintain distances of 1 meter from people who may cough or sneeze.
  8. Anyone feeling unwell with symptoms of COVID 19 (Feverish; couching; sneezing and have difficulty breathing) to firstly isolate themselves and to contact their doctor for medical advice.
  9. Management will be constantly monitoring and encouraging staff of the adherence to these measures and where necessary implement new measures.

Should anything in regards to our service offering change, we will communicate with you as soon as possible.

We encourage all our customers to also practice the measures mentioned in their work areas and to remain calm. Should you have any other advice or concerns in this regard please feel free to contact our offices.

Kindest Regards, Chantel Pretorius

Chief Operating Officer Diamond Express CC

Duly Authorized

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